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Registration & Enrollment

Do some courses require prerequisites?
Yes. Courses designated with a "P" in the Time Schedule require prerequisites. Prerequisites may include courses, a minimum test score, or a minimum grade in a prerequisite course. All non-UW students should contact the appropriate academic department before registering to ensure they have met the required prerequisites. If you register for a course that has a prerequisite, the department may elect to drop the course from your schedule if you fail to satisfactorily complete the required prerequisite. In this case, the course will be dropped from your schedule no later than the third calendar day of the quarter. Courses subject to cancellation are identified by the symbol "PX" in the Time Schedule.

What are the charges for making a change to my registration?
A $20 change-of-registration fee is assessed for any number of add, drop or change transactions (including change of grading option) processed during a given day beginning June 30 for full-quarter and a-term courses, and July 31 for b-term courses. The $20 fee is a service charge and is in addition to any change in tuition or forfeiture as a result of adds, drops or changes.

There is no charge for changes made through June 29 for full-quarter and a-term courses, and through July 30 for b-term courses.

What are entry codes and how do I obtain them?
Entry codes are five-digit random numbers issued to you by academic departments as authorization to add or drop restricted course sections. Entry codes are not transferable and are course specific. Add codes are required for adding any course beginning June 30. Courses requiring entry codes are designated with the symbol ">" to the left of the schedule line number (SLN) in the Time Schedule.

Entry codes are required solely at the discretion of each academic department regardless of whether an entry code requirement is designated on the Time Schedule. The Time Schedule lists information on where to obtain entry codes, either as a comment before the course listing or just after the title of the course. If this information is not available on the Time Schedule, contact the department that offers the course to determine where you can obtain an entry code. Instructors may issue entry codes to students when a class is full. (See Can I overload a class that is full? for additional information on using add codes to overload closed courses.) An entry code can only be used once before the computer removes it from the list of viable codes and will not accept it again. You must obtain a new entry code from the appropriate academic department each time you add or drop a course even if you add or drop the same course more than once.

What is a faculty number?
If you are enrolling in independent study courses such as 499, 600, 700 or 800, you will first need to obtain a faculty number from the instructor or department. The faculty number is used instead of the entry code to register for the courses.

Can I overload a class that is full?
For reasons of public safety and instructional quality, course enrollment in each section will be limited to the approved classroom capacity. The Office of the Registrar monitors course enrollments throughout the quarter according to the following guidelines:

  • Prior to June 30, a student may add a section unless the class is full or requires permission. Beginning June 30, add codes are required to add any course. Adds will be accepted only up to 115 percent of classroom capacity to compensate for expected course drops.
  • No course adds via the Web are allowed after July 13 for full-quarter and a-term courses. No course adds via the Web for b term are allowed after July 30. Course adds after these dates are allowed via a Late Add Petition up through the last day of instruction for the quarter or term.

How can I have a hold on my registration released?
If there is a hold on your registration, you will not be permitted to register or add courses until the hold has been released by the office that initiated the hold. Visit MyUW to determine which office has placed the hold, and where to go to have it released.

The University will accept, but not process, a Returning Student Re-enrollment Application for any student who has either a financial or academic hold on their transcript or registration. Once the hold has been cleared, the application will be processed.

Will I have priority registration for courses in sequence?
Departments may establish a registration priority for students enrolled in sequence courses. For example, students enrolled in a foreign language 101 course would have priority to register in the next course sequence (102) for the succeeding quarter.

Can I register for two courses that meet at the same time?
MyUW will not allow you to register for two courses that meet at the same time or for courses with overlapping meeting times. If you wish to drop a class and register for another that meets at the same time, use MyUW registration to drop the original class and add the new class in a single transaction. The original course will be dropped only if the new course is available and you are added.

If you wish to add a course that conflicts with another, you must add the second course, in person, at the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall (see map). Students must obtain the verbal approval of both instructors to add a course that conflicts one hour a week or less. Instructor signatures on a registration transaction form are required for courses that conflict more than one hour a week.

How do I register for classes that meet at UW Tacoma or UW Bothell?
For information on how to register for classes in Tacoma or Bothell, visit the UW Tacoma or UW Bothell Web sites.

What is the University's ACCESS program for older adults, and how do I register as an ACCESS student?
The University's ACCESS program allows Washington residents 60 years or older to attend class as auditing students. If you are enrolling as an ACCESS student, you may attend class with the permission of the instructor beginning the first class day if space is available. Courses designated with a ">" require an entry code to register. Contact the department offering the course to obtain entry codes before you visit the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall (see map). A $5 registration fee will be billed to your student account. (There is no technology fee in Summer Quarter.) The payment is due by July 11. Other course fees, in addition to the registration fee, may be assessed by the department.

As auditors, ACCESS students do not receive credit and are not expected to do any class work, participate in discussions or take examinations. Registration may be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor. ACCESS students may register for all courses except ENGL 100, 101, 102, MATH 098, UW Professional & Continuing Education, UW Online Learning, studio, laboratory and field trip courses, honors sections or any course which is not state funded. ACCESS students may register in 500-level graduate courses with the approval of the instructor by obtaining an entry code through the department. ACCESS students are limited to two courses per quarter, and a transcript is not maintained. For more information, call the UW Registration Office, 206-543-8580 (press 1), between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.

ACCESS students should register by visiting the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall (see map) on June 25. ACCESS students do not register through MyUW. If you are unable to register in-person, you may mail your registration request. Processing will not begin until June 25, and registration is not guaranteed. For more information, see

How do I register as a tuition exempt UW faculty or staff member, or WA state employee?
Eligible University and Washington state employees may receive a tuition-exemption for up to six credits each quarter provided they enroll on a space-available basis. Eligible participants registering on a space-available basis will pay a per-credit charge for additional credits above six. All students participating in the tuition-exemption program will be assessed a quarterly $30 registration fee and must pay other applicable fees. A participating student may not register for any course prior to the assigned space-available registration day or the exemption will be canceled or not accepted. Matriculated students desiring a higher registration priority to facilitate course enrollment may register early and pay regular tuition rates. Space-availability applies to degree programs as well as courses. To learn about eligibility and for further details, visit the University's Tuition Exemption Program Web page.